Enable lazy loading of all your images

Lazy loading ensures that images present on your website don't load until they are visible on the visitor's screen which helps save bandwidth and can improve page loading time as well as the overall user experience. Eager loading is the loading technique by default; with eager loading, all related elements on the page are loaded whether they are visible on the screen or not, which might increase the overall loading time.



Enable lazy loading of all your images in Settings > Editor settings > Lazy loading images.


You enable lazy loading of images by ticking the box Enable lazy loading images and clicking Save.  

Lazy loading images impacts the way images load on the following modules and pages: Gallery, Image, Image List, Price List, Blog Catalog, Blog Post page, Product Catalog, Product page, Product Checkout pages.

  When will lazy loading be activated?

Please note that lazy loading settings only apply after you publish your website. It's not possible to preview lazy loading on the Editor itself or in Preview mode.

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