Sync website visitor data to your Google Analytics account

Google Analytics allows you to track, monitor and analyze your website traffic and understand your visitors' browsing behavior. When you feed data from your website to Google Analytics, you have the possibility to export highly detailed statistics about traffic and visitors

Synchronize website visitor data to your Google Analytics account in Settings > Editor settings > Google Analytics.


To connect your Google Analytics account with the Editor, add your Google Analytics ID and/or Google Tag Manager ID and finish by clicking Save.

  Adding multiple accounts

It's possible to add multiple Google Analytic accounts by comma-separating the IDs.

By default, the Google Analytics code will be placed within the <body> tag of your website along with all the rest of your content (text, links, images, etc.). If you instead want the code to be placed in your <head> tag, tick the box Place Google Analytics code before </head> tag.

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